Geopolitical Insights

We no longer have the luxury of viewing the world from a linear perspective. The compounding effects of global events and the speed at which they occur produce exponential shifts in market dynamics.

Academy respects the importance of ever-increasing globalization and inter-connectedness of the world today. Through the Geopolitical Insights, Academy ensures that our clients are offered premier insights into the complicated geopolitical environment by leveraging our veteran connection to provide access to some of the most senior ex-military officers in America.

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Academy is honored to have accomplished and experienced individuals present a unique perspective on global, political, and economic events to our clients. Academy hopes this commentary allows you to walk away with a more profound view of the topic at hand.



January 31, 2018 Geopolitical Call

The Macroeconomic Impact of the Geo-strategic Landscape


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North Korea is


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Playing Hardball and its Consequences


November 18, 2016 Geopolitical Call

Playing Hardball and its Consequences


Additional Advisory Board Contributors

Major General (Ret.) James A. “Spider” Marks | Advisor
Major General (Ret.) James A. “Spider” Marks

Major General James A. “Spider” Marks is Head of Geopolitical Strategy and Academy Securities’ Senior Advisory Board Member. General Marks is the Founder and President of The Marks Collaborative, an advisory for corporate leader development, education and training and has led entrepreneurial efforts in global primary research and national security. He served over 30 years in the Army holding every command position from infantry platoon leader to commanding general and was the senior intelligence officer in the LA Riots, the Balkans, Korea, and Operation Iraqi Freedom. He culminated his career as the Commanding General of the US Army Intelligence Center and School at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. > Read more

Major General (Ret.) Mastin M. Robeson | Advisor
Major General (Ret.) Mastin M. Robeson

A native of the Carolinas, Mastin Robeson was commissioned in 1975 and served over 34 years on active duty in the United States Marine Corps, during which time he served in more than 60 countries.  He retired from the Marine Corps in February 2010. Major General Robeson served in combat zones in Liberia, Desert Storm, Somalia, Bosnia, Horn of Africa, Southern Philippines, Iraq and Afghanistan. He commanded at every operational level in the Marine Corps, including its Anti-Terrorism unit, an infantry battalion, an infantry regiment, a combined joint task force in combat, two Marine Expeditionary Brigades, two Marine Divisions, and the Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command. He served as Military Assistant to Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen and as General Dave Petraeus’ Director of Strategy, Plans, and Assessments in Iraq, where he was responsible for writing and assessing the 2007 Crocker/Petraeus surge campaign plan.  > Read more

Lieutenant General (Ret.) Rhett Hernandez | Advisor
Lieutenant General (Ret.) Rhett Hernandez

Lieutenant General Hernandez served in the United States Army for 39 Years and was the first Commander of Army Cyber Command (ARCYBER), where he was responsible for the daily operations, defense and risk management of all Army networks with 1.2 million users. As the Army’s lead for all cyberspace activity, Lieutenant General Hernandez built a cyber force of more than 17,000 people and led the development of a wide range of concepts, plans and programs to minimize cyber risk and ensure Army operations. Lieutenant General Hernandez previously served as the Deputy Chief of Staff, Army Operations; Chief, U.S. Military Training Mission, Saudi Arabia; and Commanding General, Human Resources Command. In all three positions, he was involved in key issues and decisions at the highest levels. > Read more

Lieutenant General (Ret.) Frank Kearney | Advisor
Lieutenant General (Ret.) Frank Kearney

served 35 years in the United States Army as an Infantry and Special Operations officer. Most recently, LTG Kearney served as the Deputy Director for Strategic Operational Planning at the National Counter-Terrorism Center in Washington, DC. In this position, he was responsible for whole-of-government planning with over 29 Inter-Agency partners to achieve the strategic end states outlined in the Obama Administration’s National Counter-Terrorism Strategy. He has been appointed to the U.S. House of Representatives House Armed Services Committee National Defense Panel, the U.S. Secretary of Defense’s WMD Threat Reduction Advisory Committee, and the Iran Project.> Read more

Vice Admiral (Ret.) Robert S. Harward | Advisor
Vice Admiral (Ret.) Robert S. Harward

Vice Admiral Robert S. Harward, Jr. is the Chief Executive Officer for Lockheed Martin in the UAE and lives in Abu Dhabi. In this role, Vice Admiral Harward is responsible for all aspects of the company’s business interests in the UAE, including strategy, operations, and growth of Lockheed Martin programs, as well as successful execution of all ongoing business. A National Security Expert, in both theory and application, he served on the National Security Council for the Bush administration, commissioned the National Counter Terrorism Center, and has extensive combat experience as a US Navy SEAL, in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Yemen and Bosnia. A US Naval Academy alumni, Vice Admiral Harward holds a Masters degree in International Security Affairs, and is a graduate of the Naval War College and the MIT Foreign Policy Program. Vice Admiral Harward also served as an executive fellow at RAND. Prior to joining Lockheed Martin, he was a Vice Admiral (SEAL) in the United States Navy, with his last assignment as Deputy Commander, US Central Command (USCENTCOM). Vice Admiral Harward also grew up in Iran, graduated from the Tehran American School and speaks Farsi.
> Read more

Vice Admiral (Ret.) Edward M. Straw | Advisor
Vice Admiral (Ret.) Edward M. Straw

Edward M. Straw is the founder and managing partner of Osprey Venture Partners—a firm that finds investment capital and assists with business development for startup entrepreneurs. He is the retired President, Global Operations of The Estee Lauder Companies, and currently sits on the boards of the following companies: Performance Equity Management, Odyssey Logistics, Helius Medical Technologies, Capital Teas and Document Capture Technologies. He is the Chairman of Odyssey Logistics.As President, Global Operations for Estee Lauder, Mr. Straw centralized and led Lauder’s R&D, package engineering, acquisition, manufacturing, distribution, inventory management, and information systems organizations which supported 20 Estee Lauder Companies around the world. In his five years at Estee Lauder, he is credited with directing significant improvements in their global supply chain and driving major stock price impactful savings to the bottom line.
> Read more

Rear Admiral (Ret.) Julius Caesar | Advisor
Rear Admiral (Ret.) Julius Caesar

Rear Adm. (Ret.) Caesar is a Surface Warfare Officer who earned his commission from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1977. He also holds a Master of Business Administration Degree from the College of William & Mary. Admiral Caesar is a Massachusetts Institute of Technology Seminar XXI Fellow in Foreign Politics, International Relations, and the National Interest.During Admiral Caesar’s period of initial active service, his sea duty assignments included USS Dale (CG 19) and USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67) where he served in the Engineering, Weapons, and Operations Departments.
> Read more

Joe J. Grano | Advisor
Joe J. Grano

Mr. Grano is Chairman and CEO of Centurion Holdings LLC. He was previously the Chairman and CEO of UBS Financial Services Inc. (formerly UBS PaineWebber). Mr. Grano was instrumental in helping to bring about the merger of PaineWebber with UBS in 2000. Prior to joining PaineWebber he was with Merrill Lynch for 16 years, holding various senior management positions including Director of National Sales. In 1987, Mr. Grano was named the industry’s best retail marketing executive in a survey conducted by Investment Dealers’ Digest. He was the former Chairman of the Board of Governors of NASD and a member of the NASD’s Executive Committee.Mr. Grano was appointed by President George W. Bush in 2002 to serve as the Chairman of the Homeland Security Advisory Council and he served in this capacity until August 2005.
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Brigadier General (Ret.) Anthony J. Tata | Advisor
Brigadier General (Ret.) Anthony J. Tata

Brigadier General Anthony J. Tata, U.S. Army (Retired) commanded combat units in the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions and the 10th Mountain Division. His last combat tour was in Afghanistan in 2007; he was Deputy Commanding General of the 30,000 strong combined and joint task force, where he earned the Combat Action Badge and Bronze Star Medal.General Tata is recognized as a national security expert and has been a frequent foreign policy guest commentator on Fox News, CBS News, One America News Network, and the Daily Buzz. NBC’s Today Show featured General Tata’s career transition from the military to education leadership, where he served as the Chief Operations Officer of Washington, D.C. Public Schools for firebrand Chancellor Michelle Rhee and was the Superintendent of the 16th largest school district in the nation in Wake County/Raleigh, NC. He most recently served as North Carolina’s Secretary of Transportation until August 2015.
> Read more