Capital Markets

Academy works with clients seeking capital markets access in the public or private markets across asset classes, including equity, hybrids and debt. Academy delivers highly-tailored financing alternatives and solutions to public companies, privately-held businesses, and investment firms. Whether seeking to fund growth or optimize capital structures, we collaborate with clients to analyze and determine all funding options prior to implementing the optimum strategy. Since the beginning of 2015, Academy Securities has been involved in over 800 financing transactions, raising in excess of over $450 billion.

Debt Capital Markets

Academy is comprised of experienced capital-markets professionals who over the years have raised billions of dollars in the fixed-income markets for Fortune 1000 companies, public and private companies, private-equity firms, international and emerging-market debt issuers, and sovereign issuers. Our fixed-income team can advise potential debt issuers about pricing, covenants, structure, timing, industry comps, and various aspects of debt issuance and the fixed-income markets.

Academy’s strengths:

  • Longstanding relationships with a broad range of institutional fixed-income buyers and issuers
  • Structuring and pricing guidance
  • Close working relationships with fixed-income desks throughout financial markets
  • Debt-covenant and industry-comparable analysis
  • Extensive coverage of middle-market fixed-income accounts
  • Broad network of ex-military in Fortune 1000, private equity, and Wall Street

Academy Securities is a leading underwriter spanning across a multitude of fixed income asset classes including corporate securities, commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS), asset-backed securities (ABS), agency securities and municipal securities. Recent highlights include:

  • Academy is awarded with the #1 ranking in the 2016 Global CMBS Lead-and Co-Manager League Tables.
  • Academy gains counterparty approval from the Government Sponsored Entities (GSEs) expanding access to products and services in the agency debt market
  • Academy establishes strategic alliances with issuers of asset-backed debt broadening co-manager roles in the sector

Academy Securities issues and/or underwrites a broad array of debt instruments:

  • Fixed and Floating Instruments
  • Short-, Medium-, and Long-Term Debt
  • Taxable and Tax-Exempt Debt
  • Senior, Subordinated, Convertible and Preferred Debt
  • Secured and Unsecured Debt

Equity Capital Markets

Academy Securities has extensive equity capital markets experience that provides in-depth market knowledge to both our corporate issuer clients as well as our buy side investor clients. Our firm provides issuer clients access to equity capital, both public and private. We have expertise in taking private companies public in IPOs, spinning off existing businesses from public companies, accessing the markets for follow-on offerings and convertible debt. Academy’s team works directly with our research sales and agency sales trading group to provide clients with knowledgeable market insight and value added distribution strategies for their equity and hybrid needs. Academy’s distribution penetrates smaller investment firms that provide valuable incremental demand for transactions, allowing issuers to achieve improved pricing for their securities.  Since the beginning of 2015, the Equity Division of Academy Securities has participated in over 275 transactions raising over $87 billion.